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The controls of the products of natural stone


The controls to realise on the products of stone have to do  in the phases of manufacture, supply and reception in work and are, on the one hand, responsibility of the manufacturer and, by another, of the Direction Facultativa of the work.

Controls in the phase of manufacture: the Marked...


Optimisation in the use of commercial adhesive for the fixation of the stone


In the last years the Technological Centre of the Granite, studied by means of a project of investigation the adherencia between adhesive and commercial mortars with the natural stone, joined to different types of supports used frequently for facades.

For the achievement of the aims proposed, carried...


The CTG, leads the technique comission created by the sector of the products for pavings, to give solution to the problem of the slide


In this entrance We would like to clear a problem that the Technological Centre of the Granite carries time trying solve after the publication of the Technical Code of the Edificación (CTE), in concrete of the Basic Document "Security of the Utilisation" DB-SU. In him we find us with that the polishings pavings do not fulfil the ...


Design a paving with natural stone


It would like in this entrance remember the importance to design the pavings of stone having always special care in doing it in function of the type of traffic that go to bear. This arises me after reading does some days a news in this regard, in the Newspaper of Cádiz, in which they analysed the causes of the break of a paving o...


The importance of the joints in the pavings of natural stone: typologies and more suitable materials


The construction of pavings, especially the outsides, is perhaps the constructive application more engaged for the natural stone because of the magnitude of the mechanical actions, to the saturation of water, to the tank of contaminating particles on the surface of the paving and to the poured of all type of products, among others facto...


Environmental statements of product DAPc® for products of granite


The environmental statements of product are a ecolabel system of EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) of the construction, pioneer in Spain, that follows the European guidelines and regulated by the norms ISO 14025 and 15804.

The environmental transparency is fundamental in the se...


The stains in the natural stone


The marked accidental of the natural stone is a frequent subject in diversity of constructive uses (countertops, pavings of hospitals, bathrooms,etc...) And on him, the Technological Centre of the Granite has proposed  investigate in these last years.

The cleani...


Resourceful stone


After the extraction in quarry of the blocks of stone and his back manufacture in factory, so only takes advantage of a % of the total volume of the block. They exist constructive solutions that are used to to take advantage of the material refused as they are the facades of coastal and the construction with gaviones (caged stone).



Constructions in stone tightened


A recent contribution to the world of the architecture is the employment of the stone tightened with round of stainless steel. They are used to  interpose between the ashlars of stone knots of concrete of a molded piece that ensure the transmission of the efforts and deliver the tension to the stone.


Furniture in natural stone for urban renewal


The stone is a very present material in the urban architecture and no only by his perdurability in the time. It allows innovar at the same time that achieves a perfect fusion with his surroundings and the history of the same. We find numerous examples like the sources, tables, bins, buoys or banks, that have monolithic character when ma...


How calculate the thickness of some stone slabs


To know the thickness that will have to have some baldosas, can use formulates it that it specifies  in the annex B of the norm UNE-EN 1341, SLABS OF NATURAL STONE FOR HIS USE LIKE EXTERNAL PAVING.

Through this formulates, and knowing the value of the felxural strength of the stone that want to ...


The Technological Centre of the Granite has developed the first norms of placing of products of natural stone


The daily reality of the pathologies that arise in the world of the construction with stone indicates us that the majority of them have relation with designs of put in work, badly conceived or badly executed, but in rare occasions are owed to the material used.
In reality, except the NTE, quite ancient already, did not exist for th...


The CE Marked in natural stone products


Like any construction product, natural stone requires some controls to ensure their qualities.

In this sense and, since 2003, manufacturers of natural stone products are required to perform a number of checks of production, linked to obtain the required CE marking.


The ventilated facade of natural stone: criteria of selection of the anchorage


The current architectural tendencies derive to proposals of closings of light facade. This situation has launched to the numerous market systems of anchorage that allow the placing of the cladding system called ventilated facade.

In front of the difficult situation to choose a system...


Ventilated facades in natural stone


This constructive system composes of a thin external leaf, a ventilated camera, a layer of thermal isolation and an inner leaf (support). This solution supposes the improvement of the behaviour of the traditional façades with slabs supported directly to the support by means of mortar or adhesive.

The novelty of this solution is to leave a camera of a...


Covers in stone


From it does centuries, covers, cupolas and vaults of stone cover stood out spaces of our surroundings. Example of this is the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in which the slabs of granite allow that his cover was transitable. Besides, the have of stone in the cover of a project allows to give continuity with the revestimiento of all the façade what char...

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