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The CE Marked in natural stone products


Like any construction product, natural stone requires some controls to ensure their qualities.

In this sense and, since 2003, manufacturers of natural stone products are required to perform a number of checks of production, linked to obtain the required CE marking.

That is why manufacturers should implement a quality assurance system in the factory, consisting, briefly, in a series of laboratory tests for knowledge of the physical and mechanical properties of the material and on the other hand, dimensionally and visually monitor their production . All this holding on to the UNE-EN European apply to each product.

Currently, the products that the manufacturer must provide the obligatory CE MARKED are:

- Slabs for outdoor use, indoor and stairs.

-Setts for outdoor use.

-Kerbs for outdoor use.


-Pieces for masonry.

This production control, should be developed so that, with some frequency, repeat the inspections and tests as set out in the UNE-EN harmonized.

This process occurs in two documents, the manufacturer must provide your customer, the Declaration of Conformity (document which states that a product complies with European regulations that applies) and CE identification label (document that must accompany the product in supply).

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