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How calculate the thickness of some stone slabs


To know the thickness that will have to have some baldosas, can use formulates it that it specifies  in the annex B of the norm UNE-EN 1341, SLABS OF NATURAL STONE FOR HIS USE LIKE EXTERNAL PAVING.

Through this formulates, and knowing the value of the felxural strength of the stone that want to use, the dimensions in plant wished of the slab and the type of traffic that goes to bear the paving, can calculate the nominal thickness of the slabs to place:

Like this, we can calculate the thickness "t", in mm, of the slabs,knowing L and W (long and width of the slabs, in mm), P (load of break, in kN (that it can extract  of a table), in function of the type of traffic that go to bear, and Rf (the minimum value expected of the flexural strength, in MPa, extracted of the corresponding essay).

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