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Furniture in natural stone for urban renewal


The stone is a very present material in the urban architecture and no only by his perdurability in the time. It allows innovar at the same time that achieves a perfect fusion with his surroundings and the history of the same. We find numerous examples like the sources, tables, bins, buoys or banks, that have monolithic character when materialising  with this product.

It is very frequent the combination of the stone with other materials in the design of urban furniture, especially with the stainless steel, union that guarantees the solidity of the element built. In this combination of two noble materials like the steel and the natural stone, each one of them assumes his functional responsibility and to his time achieve to do of this furniture a singular piece.

Big part of this urban furniture characterises  by his simplicity of lines that do of them versatile pieces and easily amoldables to the different urban surroundings. Many of these works try, with forms more organic, adapt to spaces curvos doing of envolventes or adapt for the greater comfort of the users. 

They exist you marry editors of pieces of urban furniture in natural stone as for example: MACAEDIS or WOW FACTORS BIZ that have stood out designs of his prestigious architects or designers.


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