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Constructions in stone tightened


A recent contribution to the world of the architecture is the employment of the stone tightened with round of stainless steel. They are used to  interpose between the ashlars of stone knots of concrete of a molded piece that ensure the transmission of the efforts and deliver the tension to the stone.

Example of this constructive system are the Auditorium of Emmanuel College of the architect Michael Hopkins, the Church of pilgrimage of Father Pio of Renzo Piano and the Pavilion of the Future EXPO 92 in Lisbon of Bohigas and Martorell.

The first example consists in a structure of pillars and lintels of stone tightened with bars of stainless steel. In each line of pillars of facade situate  to each height of the three plants of the building knots of concrete prefabricated that distribute the loads.

In the Church, the structure is formed by arches of until 45 m of light formed by keystones post-tensioned to reduce the risk of break. There is a drill in each keystone to enter the wires of tightened. In east is important to have a good adjust dimensional for the good entrance in load of the structure.

Finally, in the Pavilion of the EXPO 92 combine  porches of stone with tensors of steel that free it of efforts that are not of compression.




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