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After the extraction in quarry of the blocks of stone and his back manufacture in factory, so only takes advantage of a % of the total volume of the block. They exist constructive solutions that are used to to take advantage of the material refused as they are the facades of coastal and the construction with gaviones (caged stone).

The first constructive solution of recycled consists in the utilisation of coastal that they are rests of the external and irregular skin of the blocks of stone, that present a plasticity and chromatism with which can play in facades.

Have works to our around like the Rectorship of the University of Vigo of Enric Miralles and Benedetta Tagliabue and the School of High Musical Studies of Antón García Abril, that have incorporated these pieces of granite to his facade doing that they stand out by his aesthetics, density and composition.


The gaviones were already used by the Romans. In his starts, built  walls of gaviones with braided osier and fillings of stone, with the purpose to protect against the detachement of rocks. Still today, the gaviones fillings of stone, ranged and stowed, use  to stabilise slopes.

At present his diversity of use has expanded , multiplying his applications by the high durability of the material (wire of steel with galvanised special), by the fast and stable setting, and by the forms and special finishings.

A gavion consists in a box of rectangular prismatic form, elaborated with metallic lattice of hexagonal meshes, made with wire galvanised reinforced. These gaviones fill  with singing filmed, stone of quarry or suitable material of the that more manually have .

In addition to the gavion type, to base of mesh of wires of triple torsion, especially used in public work, exist gaviones of other types as they can be:

-Wooden: realised with wooden profiles treated, of circular or square section, fillings of stone of the same characteristic that the used for the gaviones of mesh.

-Rigid: built with a lattice of corrugated and galvanised steel that it endows them of a more rectilinear aesthetics and slim.

-To hang: formed by cages of wire of galvanised or stainless steel of 12 to 15 cm of thickness, properly fillings of stone, that go hanged of screwed profiles to the wall.




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